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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 22, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i appreciate that. will cane, you're always a sport. thank you, brother. appreciate it. thanks for watching fox news prime time, i'm - - we'll see you again tomorrow night at 7. by the way check out fox nation, modern warriors law enforcement edition is up there right now you will love it. and law enforcement gets it free for a year. tucker carlson up next. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> good evening, welcome to tucker carlson tonight, a flood of haitian migrants into the united states continues at this hour unabated. at the border for us now with anup update. >> hey, tucker, good evening to you. today fox news was able to confirm that in fact the federal government is releasing thousands of haitian migrants into the united states from this camp right here. my border patrol source who's on the ground working here in del
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rio told me what they're doing is basically releasing any family units and any women who are currently claiming to be pregnant. you can see impact that it's having on the camp here. take a live look at the scene here. we've told just about 5,000 people are left over in this camp right now. that is significantly decreased from what it was on saturday, about 15,000. you still see a lot of people milling about, they've built their make hadshift structures waiting in the sun, the heat, finding out if they have a chance of being released into the united states. you can take a look at our live drown head. we've been showing you this for the past several days. the camp is still fairly large but you can see parts of it are starting to be cleared out becauses the feds want to get to the optics of this so they're trying to clear it as fast as possible. we want to show you what some of those mass releases look like. we were in del lio earlier today, we went to an ngo, fawn had government organization, where we saw bus loads of haitian migrants being released
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after they were processed by border patrol. that ngo gave them some food and supplies and then they bur on their way. take a look at these photos. local journalists here reporting that there are haitians on airplanes flying out of del rio airport, some of them taking selfies one journalist telling me she talked to some of the families on the plane. some are going to maryland, some are going to florida, some are going to new york. one woman just gave birth to a baby here under the bridge six days i ago. so you're seeing it. you heard mallorc harsh say these migrants are going to be expelled, don't come here your journey is not going to succeed you will be sent back. that's not entirely true because these migrants are being release booed i the thousands just to wrap it up what my sources are telling me is border patrol are giving these migrants nprs when they release them, a notice to report. what that means is they are asking these migrants to please show up to an ice office within the next 60 days.
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it is a request. it is not an nta which is an order, a notice to appear. that is much stricter telling them an exact time and date of when to show up. we'll send it back to you. >> tucker: thank you. it's awful on every level. everything about it is awful. you've gotta ask yourself, as you watch the historic tragedy that is joe biden's immigration policy, what's the point of this? nothing about it is an accident, obviously. it's intentional. joe biden did it on perches. but why? why would a president do this to his own country? no sane first world nation opens its borders to the world. promising the poorest people on the planet that they can have endless free taxpayer funded services if they show up and break your laws? that's not just stupid, it's suicidal. for generations middle class americans have had access to the best ahealthcare in the world, but not anymore. that's over for good.
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our system cannot handle this many newcomers, period. imagine what hospitals are going to look like a year from now. how about schools? what joe biden is doing now will change this country forever. so again, why is he doing it? there's only one plausible answer. the social media companies will shut you down, southern pawivety law center will call you dangerous, you could lose your bank account. the left has become completely all unhinged and hysterical and that's how you know it's true. they only sensor the true things. nobody gets in trouble for claiming the earth is flat. it could be for us to explain what's actually happening here, but for once we don't need to do that. joe biden himself has already done it for us. here's biden explaining the entire point of mass immigration back in 2015 when he was vice president. >> an unrelenting stream of immigration, non-stop, non-stop.
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folks like me who are caucasian of european descent for the first time in 2017 will be an absolute minority in the united states of america. absolute minority. fewer than 50 percent of the people in america from then on will be white european stock. that's not a bad thing. that's a source of our strength. >> tucker: an unrelenting stream of immigration. but why? joe biden just said it, to change the racial mix of the country. that's the reason, to reduce the political power of people whose ancestors lived here and dramatically decrease increase the portion -f americans from the old world. he went non white dna is the quote, source of our strength. imagine saying that. this is the language of eugenics, it's horrifying. but there's a reason biden says it. in political terms this policy is call the great replacement of
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legacy of americans with people from far away countries. thaw write about it all the time. if you dare to say it's happening they will scream at you with maximum hysteria. and here you have joe biden confirming his motive on tape with a smile on his face. no one who talks like this should ever be the president of the united states. the president of the united states has a moral obligation to represent all americans equally, not just those of a specific color. for four years, remember, they told you donald trump was a racist, but has anyone ever shown that trump in his entire life said anything happens as what joe biden said on that tape? no. noen's ever shown that. return you're not supposed to notice this of course and to keep you from noticing what joe bideson doing and why they are as always accusing you of their sins. here are two sitting members of congress telling you that it's racist to enforce immigration laws. watch. >> congress must do the work of investigating and assuring
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accountability of the egregious and white supremacist behavior of border patrol agent in del rio texas. >> what we withouted takes us back hundreds of years. what we witnessed was worse than what we witnessesed in slavery. cowboys whipping black people, haitians, into the water where they're scrambling and falling down. and all they're trying to do is escape from violence in their country. >> tucker: it's worse than slavery, enforcing our own laws that was maxine waters. everything she said is a lie. the haitians in texas are not trying to escape violence in their own country, they haven't been in haiti for years. they've been living in south america. many even had refugee status in south america, in countries like chile and brazil. that wasn't good enough. they waited for joe biden to become president and they came
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here for the free health care and housing that joe biden promised them. so now they have arrived. why wouldn't they? you would. who wouldn't? so here's what it looks like tonight in south texas. a stunning scene more reminiscent of a third world country than the united states. over 10,000 migrant are crammed underneath the international bridge here after crossing illegally into the united states. many using sticks, plants, and whatever they can find to build shelter as they wait to have processed by border patrol. from above a fox news drone reveals the size and scope of the crisis, showing a camp that reached a population of 15,000 at its climax because of this. over the weekend we gained exclusive access to a boat on the rio grand and we watched as a constant stream of hundreds of migrant crossed the river from mexico, entering the united states illegally, hundreds at a time, gathering on the shoreline before walking to the bridge.
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>> tucker: sound like the country you grew up in? no. you don't have to put up with this, we can solve it in a day, to send these people back immediately. haitians are not bad people, a lot overteem are great people. but we have no obligation to let them into our country. american citizens oaf no debt to haiti. hate y was never an american colony, haiti has been an im-independent country since 1804. for most of that time we have sent haiti a whole lot of aid. however sad and dysfunctional haiti might be, it is not our fault, that's for sure. and if joe biden is now punishing border patrol officers who try to enforce the law, who dare to deter haitians from entering this country illegally, with their ravens. they weren't whips, they were ravens. it doesn't matter to the biden administration. the officers' real crime was trying to do their jobs, trying to stop illegal migration into this country. will likely be suspended or fired. can you imagage punishing law enforce. for enforcing the law?
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this is insane. why do american citizen have to - - at this point. that's an honest question. people need to start asking that question. the white house has spent most of today calling those officers' actions horrific. how are they horrific? the white house never told us. because no one ever cared whether the whip was real or not. joe biden's press secretary is an accomplished liar so she understands the principle well. here she is one of the greatest clips of all time claiming that unlike you haitians do not need to show - - >> if somebody walks into the country right in front of the river, somebody need a vaccination card. let me explain to you again peter how our process works. as individuals come across the boarder, and they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms, if they have symptoms the decision is for them to be quarantined that is our process. they're not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of
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time. >> tucker: oh. so haitians entering our country illegally from god knows where are not required to show vaccination cards because, quote, they're not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. really? so let's say you go out to a restaurant in mid town manhattan you intend to stay in that restaurant for a lengthy period of time, of years? no, you just want to have dinner. in order to get inside you need to show a vaccination card. why? oh, because you were born here. you're not haitian. so you don't get a pass. let's be honest none of these people are ever going home. that's just true. according to men a haitian migrants camped in the small texas border town are now being released into the united states. haitians have been freed on a quote, very, very large scale. flunken. well, of course. in recent days fox news has confirmed many of these haitians are not even being given court
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dates. they're getting advisory notices requesting that they show up at some point in the future. any woman claiming to be pregnant is immediately being waved into the country, no proof necessary. her child will be instantly an american citizen. so who are these people, exactly? these new americans? the administration has no idea. none. return to don't care. today not even sure how men a haitians have been let into the u.s. and how men a have been deported all we know there are several haitians trying to gain access to this country appear to be violent. this is a scene at the airport in port au prince just yesterday. [overlapping voices] >> the scene at port au prince airport in haiti is angry haitians dropped off here by the biden administration throw rocks and shoes at the plane that carried them home.
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three u.s. ice officers were reported injured during incidents at the tarmac. >> throwing rocks at ice officers. the biden administration has made it clear they're not going to do anything about this of course. the governor of texas isn't doing much about it either, that would be greg abbott a rusken. in a matter of moments greg abbott could deploy the texas national guard to shut off the southern border completely and refused to do that. instead he's deployed just over 1,000 of 19,000 troops he control-s. why is that? why not save the country if you have the power to do that? why not save your own state? we don't know. greg abbott refused to come on the show to tell us. in a moment we'll speak to one of his primary opponents about what should be done to protect all of us. first, a reminder that not all americans are passive in the face of a crisis like this. some of them jump at the opportunity to help.
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john warwick saw what was happening on tv and decided he wanted to clean up the country he was born in. a great american cleanup, he organized a trash pickup along the border. no one else is doing it. john, thanks so much for coming on. i admire what you've done. tell us what you did and why. >> so thanks for having me on, tucker. so, i - - moving company every year we do a different cleanup in a different city throughout thedown. in 2019 we cleaned up inner city balt amore after the whole trump tweeting about it, we were able to pick up 26 tons of garbage in that city, two guys overdosed right in front of us 15 minutes into our first day, we narcaned him back to life. baltimore's crazy, i didn't think anything was crazier than that then we went to del rio. i flew a bus of veterans, active duty guys and we started picking up trash along the southern
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border. we went there for 9/11, never forget, so many people died on that day, and this is what we felt like we could do to respect those people and we flew out there and we picked up thousands of pounds of garbage along the south inch border. our first day, 9/10, we were lit -lit real pike -picking up garbage and in 15 minutes we pulled three people out of the river. we went from picking up trash to pulling people from the river from venezuela. the next day on 9/11 i was underneath that bridge and i see maxine waters and kamala harris talking about what they seen. let me tell you what i saw. i saw people washing babies in the rio grand. i saw babies breast feeding babies, sleeping in dirt, 107 degrees outside, red ants everywhere, real coyotes with four legs walking around. there's like naked and afraid the southern border edition out there. people are literally knocking down trees and setting up leave toes and teepees and sleeping
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under those. they come and go back and forth from mexico just as me or you walk across the street. there's nobody there to stop them. we spoke to a ton of them about 85 percent of the people underneath that bridge were haitian. the majority of them were coming to south florida. a lot of them are going to miami, fort lauderdale, west palm beach, orlando. i asked them about covid-19. says if there's anybody there checking to see if they have their vaccines or if they have covid or anything like that. i was there. i was asking them about whether or not they had been vaccinated if there was a vaccine available would you take it, emphatically said no, they would not take it. a lot of them cited religious beliefs on why they wouldn't take it. they're coming here because where they're coming from is so poor and they want the opportunity to, they feel like this is the opportunity now that the biden administration to leave the country they've been living in, central america, places like chile, and come here now, and they told me to my face
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the reason why we're here is because joe biden is allowing us to come here. he's a very humble man, he has a big heart, he loves the haitian people, and we love him. it was almost like the biggest biden rally i've ever been to. everybody there speaking about joe biden. they love him. >> tucker: yeah, well, that's the entire point. kamala harris talking about the border - - i'm sorry,. kamala harris throwing these border patrol agents under the bus. you've got to be kidding me tucker. these people are working 16 hour days and they get that? that's the respect they get from the person that's supposed to be the border? to you who lives in jupiter florida which is nowhere near del rio texas to clean up the mess the administration made people who claim to care about the environment. return ho long before people start to take border enforcement into their own hands. >> people along the border doing tat. >> we can see why. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you, tucker.
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>> allen west retired from the u.s. army as lieutenant colonel now he's challenging greg abbott in the republican primary for governor of texas, he y joins us now. i appreciate your coming on - - because this is happening in a number of different states but primarily in texas, texas has 19,000 members of the national guard under the command of the governor, the governor has refused to use them to seal the border. tell us if you think that as someone who is running against him. >> well, actually texas has close to 26,000 members of the texas military department. we have 1,254 miles of border we share with a volatile unstable country. just on sunday i sat down with some retired military planners and we started a little mission analysis. one of the simple things you do immediately is deploy 7,000 in those critical areas. i think another thing that has to happen is you establish a border patrol
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zone so you don't have these illegal immigrants put on buses, they're shifted out across the state of texas and across the united states of america. a key thing to that is you've got to look at these 501c3 not for profit ngo organization aiding and abetting immigration you have to be licensed to do what they're doing working with the federal government here in the state of texas. i think we the most important things we have to do besides putting physical deterrent of troops on that border and enabling us and our texas law infortsment to be able to detain and it port people since the federal government is not doing their constitutional duty, we've got to declare the cartels as transnational criminal terrorist organizations and therefore if you're in the stoit state of texas we can go after their resources, their financing, their banks i'm sure have cartel money in it. people working for the cartel on this side of the border and you arrest them for aiding and abetting a terrorist organization. those are some of the initial things i would do.
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all of those are so sensible, my jaw is open, i'm wondering why they haven't been done done months into this disaster. do you is any idea? >> well, you would have to ask the person that's currently governor who refused to go on your show because on other shows he feels he has a nice listening audience. the thing is that we saw this coming. we have seen the biden administration institute unconstitutionally by executive order an open borders policy. texas is a sovereign state and as you say who would ever want to be president and not protect the sovereignty of the united states of america? who would want to be governor and not protect the sovereignty of their state which has almost 1300-mile border. we have already had firing incidents where cartel members are sooting across the border into the state of texas targeting border patrol agents. last time i checked that was an act of war. as a matter of fact, 30 years ago as a young amply captain i was deployed to kuwait to
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protect our border against saddam hussein. today we're not protecting our own border. i find that ironic. now yorer speaking like a texan and i think - - let me ask you a political question, but any governor, particularly this governor in this state who took a stance to protect the other 49 states from what is an invasion, is really going to harm this country. anyone who did that would instantly be a leading candidate for president. people want that so badly, just on every level. on the level of duty, the moral level, and on a political level it seems insane that he hasn't done that. >> you're absolutely right. my concern is not not about a higher office. >> of course. >> the security of the citizens of texas and of course like you just said the other 49 states these people, any time you go out here in texas on any of the major interstates you're going to see tour buses all over the state of texas. those tour buses are not filled are tourists, they're filled with illegal immigrants.
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driving down here in cameron county close to the border in rio grand val y, many of the customs and border patrol checkpoints are empty. because those border patrol assets are down there in del rio along that border and guess what is happening, you've got free raven. so it is not just that little corridor with that - - comes across in del rio, think about the other 1,253 miles where people have free range to come across the border into the state state of texas and there are no checkpoints out there. that's why texas is the number one state in the united states of america maybe number two for human sex trafficing. dallas and hews. the top states for sex trafficking. what governor would want to sit around and watch his state lead that category. >> thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> so vaccine mandates have nothing to do with covid, they
5:23 pm
have nothing to do even with vaccines, they have to do with forcing the population to bow to the will of a political party. and in the u.s. military, the effect has been devastating. one active duty u.s. navy commander has issued an urgent warning about what these mandates are doing to national security that commander joins us straight ahead.
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>> covid vaccines are free. anyone who wants a covid vaccine can get a covid vaccine and the data show us the majority of the country has. good for them. there are millions of other americans who do not want to get the covid vaccine for a bunch of different reasons, many of which are wholly legitimate. men a millions of people have recovered from covid. they have antibodies that are stronger than any of the vaccine gives them. they don't need the vaccine. in that case it's their call. people who are unvaccinated pose no risk whatsoever to people who are vaccinated.
5:29 pm
that doesn't even make sense. it's lunacy. so the biden administration could just leave things as they are, declare victory, and go home. return beno, there's no political advantage in that. so the administration is forcing virtually everyone to get it, including active duty members of the military. military members who don't get the shot face termination and even court martialing. what effect is this having on our military and military readiness. act act active duty rem am o implication of this policy and posted it online. forced vaccination on military personnel th the present covid-19 vaccine may compromise u.s. national security due to the unknown extent of serious vaccine complications. a commander in the u.s. navy presently, and he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. it goes without saying it's brave of you to do this, and i'm sure you understand there will be consequences for doing this. so we're extra grateful that you
5:30 pm
are. why did you write this? well, tucker, i wrote that first paper because i have genuine concerns about the strategic impacts of the covid-19 vaccination mandatory policy. and since writing that it turns out i have a lot of people that agree with me. they contacted me in every way possible expressing the same concern, and the same confusion over the necessity of this vaccine and what is probably the most healthy population in the entire united states. right. >> it has a harm rate, or a mortality rate of 0.001 percent. compare that th the vers harm rate where covid vaccination harm has taken almost 20 months almost half of the total harm's totals in the data base, the 20-year long vers database. combine that th the unknown long-term impacts of the vaccine
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from this aborted fetal self line either derived or manufactured gene therapy vaccine. we can't know what the impacts are going to be. the strategic concerns are enormous either through the sailors half the entire force do not want the vaccine, cross the reserves and active duty force, or can you imagine force vaccinating everyone and throwing everyone in the same experimental group and we don't know what the vaccine's gonna do in the end. everybody is vaccine trained to the same virus and the impacts are unknown. >> do you expect to have relieved for doing this interview? no, absolutely not. so, i took an oath of office to, when i swore in as a naval officer, and that oath is to support and defend the constitution, the law of the land. an officer's oath does not swear allegiance or does not, is not, uh, come under the leadership -
5:32 pm
you know, i do not swear my alliance to any leadership, i swear an alliance to align myself with the u.s. constitution. i execute those office, or this office commensurate. so all i'm doing is asking an open strategic question. really, the voice that i hear screaming at me from all ends of the military is why is it necessary? we don't understand it. and it's understandable. everybody wants to do a good job who's in military. whether they'rer on one side or the other of this issue, they're just, the, uh, the victim of a very large misperception. our regulatory agencies and our u.s. corporations have done no justice to the u.s. military and the population as a whole. >> i agree with that. you are a very brave man to say this out loud and we are grateful. thank you. commander, joining us tonight.
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>> thanks. >> so the biggest state in the country just passed a law that abolishes the suburbs. that's not a small thing. we've tell you what it means, next. we'll tell you what it means, next.
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>> in addition to all the other problems that california has, housing prices there are higher than any place in the country. the median home price in the state of california is now more than 800,000-dollar, that's more than double the nationwide median. in recent years, because this really is a problem, leaders in california passed dozens of bills they claim would fix the problem. governor jerry brown, the last guy, signed 15 housing bills just in 2017. last year gavin newsom signed 18 separate housing bills. did they work? not at all. they did not work for the people who live in california. but they weren't intended for people who wanted to buy houses instead those bills had one purpose: destroying suburban homes and replacing them with
5:39 pm
life density housing. real estate developers make more money when single family homes are leveled and replace replaced with apartment complexes, obviously. and real estate developers happen to be major donors to the democratic party of california, and in particular to gavin newsom. the real estate develop marcus was one of newsom's biggest donors in the recent recall election. this week after surviving the recall, tragically, gavin newsom rewarded those real estate developers th the biggest, quote, housing bill ever. newsom just signed a series -f bills, sb9 and sb10, that will abolish the suburbs in the state of california. the state that intend-vented the suburbs. those bills were endorsed by the california building industry association, which represents, quote, interest of builders and developers of housing and commercial projects. they're about to be quite a few new commercial projects in california's suburbs. as the new york times put it,
5:40 pm
quote, sb9 essentially ends single family zoning. property owners now have the state's approval to convert any single family home in the state of california into a 4-unit apartment complex. how is this improving anyone's life? it won't. it means demolishing homes to put up rental units. at the behest of his donors gavin newsom is turning the state of california into a swamp. it's not just happening in california. recently oregon passed a statewide ban on single family zoning. this is insane. cities like minneapolis and sacramento have begun to to allow multifamily dwellings on single family lots. crowding a problem, anyone think? only the government of china, by the way, appears to be doing anything to raven in real estate developers. housing should be living and not for speculation said the president of china. woo hate to quote the president of china, but in this case he is right one of the largest and most leveraged real estate companies in the world is
5:41 pm
collapsing and china has given the indication they're interested bane bailing out ever grant. in this country real estate countries don't just get bailouts, they get get to write the law, wreck your neighborhood. and and in many parts of america they will be able to demolish the home next doofer and turn it into an apart. complex. great. nikki minaj became very famous in our world anyway for heifer political views which were actually pretty insightful. she's not the only one. we just spoke to the uk's most outspoken rapper about politics in the united states and it was a fascinating conversation. we'll show you some of it in just a moment. go to tucker carlson dot com right now to get the new book. we'll be right back. talking about mental health it's not a sign of weakness, but really a sign of strength. people sometimes don't want to talk about mental health,
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they don't want to talk about problems that they might have that aren't physical, but those problems are just as real. i have this disease you know, and it makes it awkward that i have to explain myself or prove myself in certain situations. a lot of times i'm not feeling good or you know not having a good day, but through the music i'm able to have a good day by expressing something that feels good to me that i can pass onto others. one of my favorite phrases to share with not only my kids but anybody is never compare your insides to someone else's outsides. we are creating conversation we are raising awareness and we're kicking the hell out of this stigma saying get away from the people we love the most. ♪♪
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♪♪ >>tucker: well, september is rap star month onen this show, apparently. last week we told you all about nick a minaj. tonight an interview with zuby, a rapper in the united kingdom, and a very insightful
5:47 pm
observer of american politics. not at all afraid to say what he thinks. we're y sat down with him for a new emvote of tucker carlson today. he told us what he thinks of the covid mandates and the state of our ruling class. it's worth listening to. here's part of it. >> when you're in london, um, ad you're in great britain, does anybody ever say you know i cant believe what's going on. here you have boris johnson, a smarts guy but can't manage his own, we don't even know how many kids he has. he's kind of a disaster personally telling us how to manage the intimate details of our lives. that's wrong. does anybody ever say that? millions of people do. >>tucker: they do ingood. >> there is a resistence. i don't want it to sound like every british person is a sheep who's just willing to comply wih whatever daddy government says. it's not like that at all. i think proportionally, though, it's, it's different. and another thing with the u-s-a
5:48 pm
and again a lot of americans tae advantage, a huge advantage of this country beyond its size, geographical scale and its population, is that you have states. right? you have 50 different options within your own country where yu don't like the way things are going in california, you've got 49 other options. you don't don't like the way things are here, you can move without leaving your whole country. whereas with lots of other countries, if things arent going well - - there's a kind of position i've found myself in. i love the u-k, it's a wonderful country in many regards, but i was just feel look like, man, there's, i don't really like the way this is trending, i have a lot of concerns with this direction and this response. with me it's like well, there's nowhere else to go besides literally leaving the whole country, which is bittersweet. it's an adventure, but i don't leak the fact that i felt like y
5:49 pm
hand was forced. >>tucker: yeah. things were going in such a direction where i was like yeah, man, i don't, i don't know you be? again, i talk to people who live in, um, all the freedom lovers who are in there in places like australia right now, it's a bad situation. you can't leave the country. >>tucker: yeah. >> i mean, that in itself, it's one thing - - >>tucker: you can't leave. >> they can't leave the country. you can't come in, you can't coe in. it's gone back to being a penal colony. >>tucker: why is that better than cuba? better beaches? this is the thing and you know it's also been revealed that a lot of people don't value libery and freedom. >>tucker: no. perhaps in the way that we thought that they did or people claimed to. i think now you're seeing that, yeah, i've always had a suspicin that really people value safety and security or at least the illusion of it more than freedom and liberty. that's really proven to be the case. everything that's gone onen, every authoritarianism or
5:50 pm
outright tyranny, the justification is for the greater good, for your health, for your safety. that's always the justification, even if they're clearly, clearly all going way, way, way beyond that. >>tucker: it's all from people zoo no demonstrated record of success in the field that they're espousing on. >> mmhm. >>tucker: joe biden last week literally got up there and lectured american parents onen how to raise their kids. joe biden. has no right to lecture anyone n how tootles ir children, are you joking? he should be ashamed. but it's true. but it's true across the board. >> yeah. >>tucker: maybe part of the problem is just inrepresent leaders. >> yeah - - inept leader. >> yeah, it's awl also easy to advocate for things that don't affect you. this has been one of the biggest problems all throughout - - certainly it's always a problem but over the past 18 months especially. we've seen this, we've all seen the governors and the mayors, and prime ministers whoever they are out having ther
5:51 pm
parties and going maskless and not socially distancing, and violating all their rules, going on foreign holidays while they'e telling their citizens to stay t home and to wafer a mask, and t, you know, to do this and do tha. and that, i mean, it's like animal farm, just that level of outright hypocrisy. >>tucker: yes. >> that's just been rammed in peoples' faces. >>tucker: that went on for about an hour. you can watch on tucker carlson by going to fox nation dot com. you may remember the owner of te gym in philadelphia who's appeared on there show a couple of times. he's back to explain what you cn do to stay safe from covid. he actually has an answer that makes sense. by the way, went on greg gutfeld's show, on at 11:00 p.m. eastern tonight. the question is who is the dumbest cnn anchor? a spirited debate with greg
5:52 pm
gutfeld, that's later tonight. flunk.
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much more unhealthy during the covid lockdowns. not from covid but from sitting around and eating. not judging. overall american adults report gaining 30 pounds in the last year and a half. the government shutdown gyms and arrested people for going outside. obesity may be the main contributor to death from covid. this is the owner of a gym outside of philadelphia in new jersey. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. seeing these numbers, we talked about the state of new jersey's attempt to shut you down and punish you for speaking up about
5:58 pm
it. but the two members that are crystal clear if you are over weight you are more likely to get sick from covid and die and people are getting heavier. it makes what they are doing to you seem even crazier. >> it is. i would love to know who in what back room decided that the way forward for public health for americans was isolation and mass vaccination. 18 months later, americans are not any healthier. most americans are less healthy. we see it every day in the gym. people come in overweight gaining 10 to 30 pounds. where was the outrage or the direction or the money spent on public health that wanted to show people how to learn to take care of themselves to, go outside and exercise.
5:59 pm
to do simple basic things if you step away from the madness and the media make sense to rational individuals. a good diet and sunshine and fresh air. >> tucker: exactly. you said this the entire time and treated you like a criminal. do you feel vindicated by these numbers? >> it's sad. we set out to provide a solution when the government was not coming up with one. we heard nothing about outrage and fear about the covid deaths but what about the people who die from obesity related complications? where are people going door-to-door like they are to pander a covid shot. it's lunacy. they are not getting the results they want and they won't boon the plan. they are doubling down on
6:00 pm
efforts -- abandon -- to be futile. people who took the vaccine will take and those who won't are not going to. >> tucker: if you treated your kids like the government treats american citizens, your kids would be in rehab. >> it would be abuse. >> tucker: we are out of time. sean hannity takes over. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." day 39 estimates of hundreds of americans with green cards that allow them into our country and thousands of afghan allies abandoned by joe biden behind enemy lines left to be tortured and 4 u.s. marines are s


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